All About Oils

Somewhere on the West Coast, Oil on Canvas, 


questions about artwork:


Why do you paint with oils?

Oils are so versatile. They dry very slowly and give me a greater opportunity to achieve different techniques depending on what stage they are in. From my experience, paints like watercolor and acrylics dry very quickly. With oils, even if I make a mistake (which I do all the time) I can just go back and paint over it. So, unlike other mediums, oils are very forgiving. We have a nice friendship. 

The longer I paint the more I discover different ways to create certain looks. Whether its using a 'wet on wet' paint technique for creating foliage, trees or water. Sometimes I need the paint to be in this special in-between stage of just-starting-to-dry-but-still-wet. I use this often with painting faces and blending details. Other times I need it to be completely dry before I can move foreword. This is the hardest stage for me because it means I have to wait. I am not always good at waiting. lol. 


how long does it take you to complete a painting?

This all depends on the kind of artwork I am doing. Portraits win the prize for taking the longest time to complete. I don't pre-draw anything on my canvas. All the details are worked out in the process of painting. At times, something will seem off about the subject or out of proportion. That's when I step away from the painting and take a break. 99% of the time when I return with fresh eyes, I immediately see what I need to fix and move forward. Depending on the complexity, I would say a portrait might take anywhere from one to two months to complete--this includes drying time.


How long does it take for you to complete a simple logo or illustration?

A simple logo or illustration can take anywhere from three days to over a week to complete. I am a busy mom of two young children so life and family dictates how much time I have to focus on any one project.  For example: 45 black and white illustrations for an adult coloring book took over three months to complete. 


How long does it take oils to dry?

It can take up to two weeks for an oil painting to feel dry to the touch. It takes much longer for a painting to dry all the way through. Different colors dry at different speeds. From my experience two of the colors that take the longest to feel dry are black and reds. On the contrast, browns and blues seem to dry faster. So if you have a painting with a lot of black and reds it will take longer than a painting with other paints.

I like to give a completed painting a month to sit and dry before doing anything else with it.


What happens after you finish a painting?

After I finish a painting, I hang it up on the wall to dry. Once I feel a painting is safe to handle, I will either get the artwork professionally copied for prints or make arrangements for shipment (for a commission).


what is the studios' process for getting prints made on canvas or paper?

The business I work with is over an hour away from where I live. The drive is worth the great service. If an order needs to be rushed, I have some closer options, but it might change the price. 


what is the process for commissioning a painting?

To request a commission click here and fill out the form. Let me know your subject of interest. I will reply as soon as possible to let you know if I am able to accept the project.


Business Logo/Illustration/etc:

I have been involved with various illustration projects and logo designs. If you would like to see some examples of my work please click here.

All the work that I do i straight forward. I work with pencil and paper for basic black and white illustrations/logos. If color is needed I can use watercolor or colored pencils. At this time, I have no knowledge in computer graphics. It's on my wish list of things to learn.


why is artwork so expensive?

Basically, you're paying an artist for their time and their unique ability to create something of aesthetic value. The energy and focus I use when creating a piece of artwork can be both exhilarating and exasperating. My husband knows. lol.

When pricing my artwork there are a couple variables I consider: Time, cost of supplies, complexity of the picture, and size.