Beside Still Water 

Coloring the Psalms. 

This project is very near and dear to my heart. Every illustration was inspired from my time spent with God meditating on the Scriptures. As I worked I asked Him to breath supernatural life into my artwork. I prayed that He would encounter the people who colored in way that is far beyond my frail human effort. Because without His presence these are just silly pictures.

 There are a lot of awesome coloring books on the market right now! If you are searching for something to draw that is simple and has more defined lines this probably not the book for you. If you are looking for coloring material that is more flowing and will dare you to dig a little deeper into knowing God I would recommend this one to you!

At some point in the future I want to go back and write a short blog on each illustration and how it came to life. 


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Tea For Two

Pretty lace. Delicious cakes. Beautiful cups and plates. A few friends by your side and encouraging words to lift your spirit.

 Tea time is a favorite indulgence of mine. My husband is from Japan and his family enjoy drinking tea several times a day. I came to love these moments of togetherness and thoughtful pause. So, when I saw the opportunity to illustrate a coloring book surrounding this very theme I couldn't resist! I hope you enjoy bringing these pictures to life as much as I enjoyed envisioning and drawing them. Feel free to post or tag your artwork to my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I love seeing the artwork. Happy Coloring! 


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