Head & Shoulders Portraits:   

1 person $700    

2 People $900

3 people $1100 Etc. 

Note: 'A Portrait of a Soldier' is an example of this size.


Half body to 3/4th Portraits: 

1 person $800

2 People $1000

3 people $1200 etc.

Note: 'Cherry Blossom' is an example of this size.


full body portraits:

1 person $900

2 People $1100

3 People $1300 etc.


Note: Payment plans are always an option if interested.


Step One: 

Figure out the details of the portrait. The number of subjects. The size of the canvas. The style. The apparel worn in the painting. Where will this artwork be hung? Etc. Once all the details are agreed upon ...

Step Two:

I will send you a simple contract to fill out. Complete the contract and return with a 50% down payment of the painting price. Also, during this time (if it is not practical for me to take my own photos of the subject). I will need you to send/email several photos so I can get a good visual idea of the person(s) I will be painting. All photos need to be good quality and taken with natural light.

Step Three:

Once I receive the down payment, signed contract and photos, I will begin working on your painting. I will send you picture updates so you can be a part of the creating process, that way you can provide me with feed back. Depending on the size and complexity, portraits can a take anywhere from one to three months to complete.

Step Four:

 After your final approval of the artwork, I will then wire the canvas for hanging and paint all four sides so that it may be hung with or without a frame. The painting will need to spend some time at rest until it is dry enough for shipping. This amount of time depends on the size of the artwork. Usually a month.

Once I receive the rest of the 50% + shipping and tax (this applies for KY residents). I will have your portrait carefully packaged and shipped. If you live close to the studio we can arrange a day for pickup.


Simple Animal Portraits - Cats, Dogs, horses etc.

11 x 14  $300

16 x 20  $400

18 x 24  $500

24 x 30  $700

24 x 36  $800

30 x 40  $900

If the painting has multiple animals add $80 per animal.

If the painting is more complex in nature we can discuss the total cost.


below are the approximate shipping & Handeling costs for a canvas size:

12 x 16  - $25

16 x 20 - $29

20 x 20 - $35

20 x 24 - $39

24 x 24 - $45

24 x 36 - $58

30 x 30 - $65

30 x 40 - $79