Landscapes. Realism with a touch of Eternal Romanticism. It's not just what you see, but what would be if Heaven and Earth lovingly embraced.   

I love painting nature.

Forget the houses of men. Forests are the cathedrals of God where a weary soul might wander and be refreshed. Can you find Him? Amidst the gentle breeze and light. Where the water moves over the rocks and the trees touch the sky. A sacred place, untouched by the influences of the world.

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People, a thousand Silent Words

Realism, Portraits, & Still Life. The story waiting to be told.

Is there anything more captivating or mysterious than the human face? We, the Image Bearers, the living vessels of a world unseen. When I look at someone, I see the fingerprints of my Father. Each person carefully fashioned by His hands and filled with life.  

I am fascinated by the mystery of how He gives each of us our own unique destiny upon the earth and the ability to choose our path, even if it is one that is far from Him. 

The process of painting a person is a journey into the depths of the Father's heart. I don't want to see a person with human eyes. I want to see them with the eyes of my heart. What does God see when he looks at this person? What is he speaking over them? What is their destiny?

I listen and paint what I feel God showing me.  

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“Each day we are becoming a creature of splendid glory or one of unthinkable horror.”
— C. S. Lewis

the Prophetic

Spiritual & Surreal. Bringing to life what only eternity can see.  

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Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.
— C. S. Lewis

Exploring Art Work

The only way to grow is to explore. I love challenging myself, maybe its focusing on a new theme, or attempting a new painting technique. Often a bit random.Theses are some of my exploring art pieces. Some of my beloved beginnings ...      

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