Motherhood & Art

Sometimes I get super wistful.

‘Oh the life of a single artist!’

If I could only travel and study abroad ... Or perhaps, spend the summer on an art internship. Maybe, bike around the island of Shikoku, Japan, and paint my journey in a series! Wonderful dreams, are they not?

But even the most basic, creative idea of: ‘Today, I'm going to the park, set up my easel and spend five plus hours painting a gorgeous woodland scene. Yes, indeed.’

Yeah, right. All of the above, seriously, impractical for me.

How does the artist-mom of two young ‘n’s in Lexington, Kentucky get anything 'artistic' accomplished? Well, it’s not a fall off a log. It's more like mountain climbing. Pure. Artistic. Determination. And a smidgen of strategy. (Plus a few giant mugs of green tea with honey and lemon to keep my eyes open.)

 There are days I drag my body out of bed at 0500, paint until my littlest one wails of hunger (which is usually around 0700). After that, nap time is the golden hour. Then the weekends, of course, offer more opportunity. I am very thankful for a wonderful, supportive husband and other family members who often volunteer their time to help me with the kids, so I can paint.

I realize though, my children are, and will always be, my greatest artistic accomplishment. I treasure every breath they take; the footprints they leave in the sand of my heart; their sweet smiles and unconditional love of me ... their weird momma. Who else will take care of me when I am old? My children of course. Ha! Just wait until I take a crayon to their walls! 

So, for now, this is my season. Adulthood. Parenting. Art. I make it work.